Linux Installation


This guide assumes that you have setup and configured the following dependencies and that the server or instance the MMS RI application will have access to the services.

  • Java 17+

  • Postgresql 11 or MySQL 5.7+

  • Elasticsearch 7.8+

  • S3 Bucket (either provided by AWS or by MinIO in case of local storage)


In the following steps, replace $VERSION with the latest semantic version released.

  1. Download the prebuilt jar from the releases page.
    wget$VERSION.jar -O $VERSION.jar
  2. Download the example properties file.
    wget -O
  3. Edit the properties file according to Configuration
    • Note you may rename the properties file to any filename

  4. Create a subdirectory called config in the same directory as the prebuilt jar file and place the edited properties file within it.
    mkdir config;
    mv ./config/
    • Alternatively, you can define the location that MMS will look for the properties file by defining the environment variable SPRING_CONFIG_LOCATION.

  5. Run the application.
    java -jar $VERSION-.jar